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Billion dollar companies get million dollar tax exemptions, while small businesses have to get a loan to pay their taxes. Billion dollar companies sometimes will pick up and move to Mexico, China, Brazil and other countries, but small businesses will not. The people that own them live in the local community and will support their citizens and city with jobs, services and taxes.

Dedicate the 4th penny of motor fuel sales tax to "any transportation purpose." This would allow a dedicated revenue stream to leverage Federal resources for passenger rail, the money for Local Assistance for Road Paving and state aid for local governments to use in economic development. This fourth cent is already being collected on fuel. Instead of being used for the transportation budget, it is being used to fund pork barrel projects, such as fish ponds and horse ranches in Governor Purdue's hometown of Houston County.

Millions of tax dollars go uncollected every year, because tax collection structure is not working. The state of Georgia should not be collecting taxes for each of the 159 counties within the state and then giving the counties what they feel should be its share. Each county should collect its own taxes, and give the states its share. Baldwin County can do a more efficient job of collecting its taxes than Atlanta. Without raising our taxes by one cent; millions of dollars of revenue that is going uncollected by our insufficient tax collection structure would increase our local and state budgets.


The great state of Georgia has to step into the 21st century with transportation. If you are in a rural county without a public transportation system, it becomes a burden to get groceries, go to work, and receive medical attention; especially if that medical attention comes from out of town. If you take a cab from Baldwin to Macon, Augusta or Atlanta, your bill for the ride may be the equivalent to the value of the cab itself. This is not financially feasible. I have a vision of connecting all of Georgia through affordable transit.

The fourth penny that will be dedicated to "any transportation purpose" will also help pay for passenger rail for Georgia. Georgia can receive 90% of the funds from the federal government by contributing only 10% with a dedicated source of revenue. The state of Georgia already has 100 million dollars invested in bringing the passenger rail from Atlanta to Macon. I will fight that this rail line comes to Baldwin and provide easier access to major cities


I am a born again saved Christian with Christian principals and beliefs. My church teaches life starts in the womb at the time of conception. I believe this and God, Jesus, and the Bible will always guide my life and legislative decisions.

Gun control

I joined the navy in 1994, and I believe in the Constitution of the United States of America. The Constitution gives citizens the right to bear arms and I am in full support of that.


I will not balance the budget on the backs of our children; the furloughing of our teachers, the furloughing of public school employees and the cutting of the state's education budget by hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is not acceptable. There must be a change! Teachers are faced with responsibility of educating students in the present to prepare them for the future. Our future depends on the actions of the teachers and the students. I plan to fight for them both.

Georgia used to have one of the most progressive education systems in the nation. Sadly, we have fallen far behind the rest of the country. Georgia’s education system has suffered from repeated budget cuts. Georgia is the only state in the U.S. that furloughs teachers, and the quality of our children’s education has suffered. To top it all off; Georgia missed out on the first round of Federal Race to the Top funding, because the Governor failed to show that educational reform is a priority in this state.

We must return to the days where education is a top priority for legislators. We must make the tough decision to fund education first and fully. We cannot continue to balance the budget on the backs of our teachers and educators. We must look for alternative revenue streams, like the point of sales tax, so we can guarantee our children graduate high school with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful.


It is more important for me to get to Heaven than to be elected to any office. My Christian principals guide me every day. Unfortunately scandal after scandal has caused the general public to lose its faith in the Georgia General Assembly. We have been promised time and time again that passing stronger ethics legislation is a priority. Unfortunately, the legislation passed this year barely makes a dent in the problem. There are gaping holes in the legislation and it does little to ensure that the ethical mistakes of the past will not be repeated. We must strengthen ethics legislation to restore the public’s trust in government.